Max Roemer

When someone tells you their work makes them whistle, you can be sure that individual is in the right profession. Heavily influenced by Pablo Picasso, Marcel Duchamp and Alberto Giacometti, sculptor Max Roemer is a master of creating what he calls “my life-size ragtag gang of animals, monks and muses.” He adds that he “makes art because it makes me whistle. And I share my art because it makes people smile.”


Roemer’s art is spontaneous but deeply intentional. While gathering objects can be unpredictable, the consideration of how each element works together to form a final composition is much more thoughtful.


Roemer likens the way he collects objects, including everything from old tires to tree waste, to the process a poet uses in collecting words to create a cohesive poem. He adds “were my sculptures poems they might be Haiku, images found in nature with a twist.”