Diane Feuerstein


My love for art began as a child.  My mother studied at the Chicago Art Institute and later was an art teacher.  In high school, I was selected among student artists around San Diego to attend an advanced art class.  Later  I was selected to do painting demonstrations at the San Diego Museum of Art.  After graduating from UCLA, I studied art history and life drawing in Guadalajara. Over the years I have had the opportunity to study art history and have enrolled in many different fine art classes at local colleges and at the Atheneum in La Jolla. I have done extensive figure painting, portraiture and still life painting in oils, acrylic and also in pastels.  Later, I did many hours of plein aire here in La Jolla and also in Maui.  I am inspired by natural beauty and the outdoors.  Being an emotional artist, I try to capture the moment, the light and the joy in the world.  Some of my inspiration is from Sorolla who captured the transient moments in time in his beach scenes.  Also Vermeer who brilliantly created mystery throughout his work and Monet, with his colorful impressions of nature.  I hope to show the beauty of the world and inspire my viewers to take care of our oceans.