Isabel Jackson

Isabel Jackson (b. 1994, Del Mar, California) brings warmth and intimacy to California cool with
her paintings featuring a truly West Coast aesthetic. As a San Diego native, Jackson’s paintings
featuring local flora (“Monstera”), fare (“In n Out”), and fashion (“Nikes”) invite the viewer to
visit an inner world. Her portraits of California insert the viewer into a quotidian, yet
increasingly imminent, private space. Bringing nostalgia, closeness and comfort to an alienated
world, her work says to the viewer, “Come in.”
Jackson’s work affirms humanness with a window into the west coast soul. The lack of faces or
human presence in many of her pieces insert the viewer into a private space of quietude. An
unlaced pair of sneakers lets us know someone was here. A skateboard and a crushed beer can
indicate the activities of a formless, genderless person, bringing nostalgia to those who relate
and imagination to those who maybe cannot. In a world where we have been starved of the up
close and personal, or perhaps engrossed in it, her work reminds the viewer that intimacy is
important, as is youth culture and its modicums of expression.
Jackson received her B.F.A. from University of California, Santa Barbara College of Creative
Studies in 2016. Her work has been included in group shows at the Glass Box Gallery, and she
has worked with artists such as Stephen Westfall. She lives and works in Del Mar, CA.