Mona Mukherjea-Gehrig


Pronouns: She/Her


Artist Statement:


The use of ‘editions and multiples’ in art has experienced a significant increase over recent years and achieved both making artwork more accessible as well as accepting the idea that a series of examples and multiples of one unique idea can be desirable.
My collection is based on multiples of three-dimensional ceramic vessels organized in small editions of pieces varying slightly from piece to piece.
My inspiration is grounded in the beauty of uniqueness but relies on the concept of the many. The human race is extensive and rich in its diversity, though looking closer we all share mostly similarities not differences. This simple but so significant idea is the driving force of my work; its raw textured surfaces, earthy coloring, calm forms, and practicality for use, remind me of the simplicity and groundedness we humans should thrive for by moving as individuals through a communally shared world. However, what makes the human race, and nature in general, so special is the unique beauty of every single individual. I think of my ceramics as a work of multiplicity forming harmony but still shining light on each object’s uniqueness and character just as human diversity consisting of marvelous individuals should be seen as richness, not deficit.




Since moving to California in 1994, Berlin native Mona Mukhereja-Gehrig co-founded the global non-profit The Keep A Breast Foundation and the art organization MODART. She has spent the last 20 years creating and designing concepts that have resulted in internationally recognized artistic experiences and high-quality event productions. A mother of two and active in her community, she has recently completed a degree in Interior Design and both initiated and directed the first German Film Festival in San Diego. As an Artist, she embraces her love for pottery and the creative process of working with clay. Finding the beauty in imperfection and irregularity in her ceramics she rejects machine-made uniformity and perfection. Her pieces reflect a decorative as well as functional element with a play on color, shape, and texture drawing inspiration from the natural world.