Collage Plus Workshop With Sylvia Taylor

BFree Studio 23 March 2023 
BFree Studio 5-7 PM

Open to all levels. Create your own colorful collages in this fun workshop. All materials are included. A brief demonstration of the technique is offered along with the opportunity to learn from doing and experimenting while receiving gentle guidance. There are no creative blocks with this process! You will come away with one to three collages, one of which will be matted and ready to be framed. The Collage Plus workshop covers the basics offered in the Collage Introduction workshop AND for those who have attended the Collage Introduction workshop, we will be introducing acrylic paint to add accents to our collages. 

Sylvia Taylor, an observer and lifetime artist, creates one-of-a-kind collages. Her collages have been described as rich, mysterious and complex; thought provoking, with a hint of intrigue below the surface. Sylvia is inspired by unexpected beauty; texture imposed on the manmade by time and the elements. Her collages are colorful with texture and depth created in the layering technique she uses. A variety of handmade and appropriated papers are attached with archival glue to an acid free watercolor paper base, with additional touches of color via acrylic paint. Using a consistent, contained format for the collages allows for abundant discovery for the maker and viewer.


Please RSVP ahead of time, as seats are limited. The cost is $45.


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