Q and A with Jeff Galinson

April Goodjohn

What most influences your work and how have influences changed throughout your career?

Galinson: At the start of my career it was the Italian renaissance painters, and the 18th century painters of still-life, Chardin being the most influential. Velazquez, Franz Hals, Manet and John Singer Sargent will excite me for their stunning technique. Later I became enthralled by Paul Cezanne, and – more recent – Antonio Lopez-Garcia. So the influences changed my technique from indirect (layered) painting to a more direct, all-prima approach.


Q Is there a person or a significant event that informed the work featured in Come Together?

Galinson: Not really. I suppose the “event” is more a series of them over 25 years of my development as an artist.


Q  As an artist, how do you manage balance in your work-life? Is balance realistic?

Galinson: When my children were young it was more difficult, but now that they are grown and living elsewhere, I’m better able to find the time to work on a regular schedule. I get to work by nine o’clock AM and generally can paint – with a break for lunch – until four o’clock PM, depending on the time of year (I only paint in natural light).


Q What is your ideal work environment?

Galinson: North light from a tall set of windows and Bach being played on the piano.


Q What is your dream project?:

Galinson: To paint large, figurative composition. I don’t know what the subject matter would be, but that to me is the pinnacle of the art form.

April 18, 2022