Harold Sweet

Born and raised in a small town in coastal Maine, Harold was exposed to woodworking at an early age.  His father was a cabinet maker, wood worker and later, a folk artist, working mostly in wood and stone.  Harold went to college in Rhode Island, attending the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), graduating with a degree in Graphic Design.  He later settled in Boston, eventually launching a graphic design studio.  He lived in Boston for about six years, and then transplanted to San Diego in 1977 where he founded Harold Sweet Design.  
His current work under the banner of INDUSTRIAL RUSTIC blends the influences of his upbringing in rural Maine with the visual sensibilities gained during his time at RISD.  His work shows a passion for repurposing a wide variety of materials, and honoring the character of any piece of wood, be it used or not.  Finished pieces are often driven by objects or materials found at random and then combined to make something new and sometimes unexpected.  “I am fond of combining rusted surfaces with a glossy wood finish, and enjoy the visual contrasts of the materials” he says.  “It’s quite fun to make things that are functional but lighthearted at the same time.   There is also a meditative component, once you’re immersed in the process, and an object is nurtured and coaxed to take final form.  Hopefully there is a positive energy transferred to the final owner”.