Andrea Leavitt

 For the past five years, La Jolla artist Andrea Leavitt has focused on painting tide pools, underwater ocean landscapes and animals to transport the viewer into a feeling of being  present in the moment at a tide pool or at peace floating underwater surrounded by beauty and mystery.  She begins by photographing a tide pool or aquarium tank.   The photographic image is then manipulated and transferred to canvas.  Her paintbrush becomes the drawing tool, with the artist taking the instruction from the act of painting and not knowing what the final image will be until the painting is completed. Each piece requires an average of 3-6 months to complete.  Although the painting looks photographic, it is vastly different from the original photograph. The exotic landscapes, plants and animals that emerge in translucent, jewel-like colors exist only in the artist's imagination, playfully inviting the viewer to speculate as to what is real and what is fantasy.