Edna Pines

Edna Pines is a contemporary artist creating vibrant paintings to fill your heart with joy, self-worth, and inspiration. 


Inspired by nature and her lived experiences, she pours her passion for art onto the canvas through a mixed media approach. Edna enjoys working with a variety of bright color, texture, and organic material as she alternates between acrylic, oil, and resin in many of her works.

Painting has helped Edna explore the value of claiming one’s self-worth and the enjoyment of passing that message along to others, especially other women, minorities, and first generation immigrant refugees.


Having grown up in a minority community in the Middle East, art and music became a vehicle for voice during a time when women’s voices around her were often silenced. And Edna’s voice became louder with each new series that she worked on. As a mixed media artist, Edna’s work is full of bold and bright color, and she doesn’t shy away from themes and motifs that highlight her past strife with the world around her.


Edna has learned how to embrace her past as a valuable part of her story that has both informed her beliefs, and fueled her art. Through her art, she hopes to inspire others to appreciate life in all its colors and forms. She especially hopes to be a model to other women who may need a reminder they too are powerful, unique, and full of potential.