TrustyScribe is a multidisciplinary street artist, photographer, writer and filmmaker inspired by the human spirit. As a mental health advocate, Trusty sparks conversations about wellbeing to lift the stigma on mental health. His work, visual and literal poetry, touches on our universal truths with a wit that is honest , beautiful and at times deeply emotional. He is eternally curious and views the world with a childlike wonder, which he infuses into his work as a reflection of our collective human experience.


A California native, Trusty was born and raised in the cultural melting pot of San Francisco. He moved to Los Angeles for the entertainment industry, and as a true creative, embraced his unique outlook on the world as a director, producer, writer, creative director and artist. He believes that there are no limitations for a creative, no single role nor medium, as they are all tools for self-expression.


Trusty is a lifelong photographer who documented street and artists for decades before becoming a street artist himself. TrustyScribe, born out of a severe depression, began painting word bubbles across Los Angeles and then the world. This new outlet imbued with messages of love and compassion resonated with people from all walks of life. His work has been photographed thousands of times all over the world and been seen by millions, and in 2021, The Today Show produced a profile on Trusty for Carson Daly’s mental health series Mind Matters.


As a growing extension of Trusty’s creativity, his focus turned to underwater photography several years ago. Water has always been a source of passion and tranquility for him. The power and magic of water historically has played an integral role in cultures and religions the world over as our key to life. This universal truth is the source of inspiration for Trusty’s underwater work, tapping into the symbolic and literal life that water has given to our planet. We can immerse ourselves in water and emerge clean and new, again, and again, and again.